Why Spy. (Why not?)

Did you know that the giant vacation rental websites like AirBnb.com, VRBO.com and TripAdvisor now charge you the extra traveler fees that go into their pockets - And not to the property? Or they charge the property big fees just to be listed so that you (the traveler) end up paying more.

How to Skip the Fees

This website helps you avoid those fees by booking directly with owners and managers. By cross referencing properties you have located elsewhere. So you can find them here.

  • Go to one of those giant websites.
  • Find the property you want.
  • Look for the Property number.
  • Sometimes hidden in your browser search bar.
  • Such as: www.BigWebsite.com / rentals / 99999.
  • Then type that number into our search field.
  • wati a second and viola, the property name appears.
  • Or put in the entire URL such as:
  • www.BigWebstie.com/hotel/us/greathotel.html
  • (disregard anything after the "html" text)
  • Or you can just type in the property name
  • Or the city, state or country
  • Click on the property name.
  • And go right to the property book direct website.
  • Phone numbers visible - yes!
  • Emails visible - yes!
  • You save. Nifty, eh?

Plus, dealing with owners and managers directly is more informative, more friendly and safe too. (Always pay only by credit card!)

We pledge no fees!

This websites promises to never ever never add a website booking fee. You save. The property saves. A good deal for you both. Just say no to those website booking fees.

DETAILS: Properties list here are provided by members of the Vacation Rental Association, a not-for-profit organization of managers, owners, suppliers and websites working together to help the industry grow and prosper. Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway, Flipkey, TripAdvisor and others are brand names of their respective companies. Vacation Rental Spy and the Vacation Rental Association are not affiliated with such companies in any way. List Your Rental or Join the Industry. .