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Because members of the Vacation Rental Association asked for this service.

It seems that individual managers and owners want to make their homes easier to find. They want guests to avoid paying extra fees to other websites. Fees which do not benefit the home owner or the guest.

So now this is the place to contact owners and managers directly using the reference number for any home from any of the major websites. It does not copy those listings. It just sends you directly to whatever website the owners wants you to find first.

Multiple Listing Services

VRIA is a not-for-profit organization whose only purpose is to serve the industry. Not high-paid executive, not investors and not Wall Street big shots.

VRIA operates the Vacation Rental Multiple Listing Services (VRMLS.org) for owners who do not have a website. Or Owners & Managers who want to list their homes free on VRIA facilitated websites.

VRIA was not started to be a listing service, there are far more things to discuss, and share and grow with. But VRMLS was started because members wanted it. Just as they asked for the PleaseNoFees.com service.

Join the industry today by joining VRIA.org. Contributions to VRMLS websites is strictly on the honor system. You pay a commission only when they bring you bookings.

The Vacation Rental Association.

The Vacation Rental Industry Association (VRIA) VRIA is a not-for-profit organization, formed under the laws of the United States of America EIN # 45-5024532; and State of Washington USA, State UBI License # 602-923493.

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